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"Be at peace. I am the living God. Don't be afraid" Luke 24:36-37

Updated: Apr 9

Those words where said in the most difficult time in history, but also the most rejoicing in the kingdom of God. After Jesus crucifixion his disciples where hidden by fear of the prosecution, and in the midst of this situation Jesus shows up and says those words to them, and then He explains why those things needed to happen as per the scriptures and give them specific instructions for the days to come.

Now-days we might be feeling the same way, hidden by fear. And those are the same words He says to us today. "Be at peace. I am the living God. Don't be afraid". His only presence brings peace, the kind of peace that you experienced when you where a kid with your parents. You didn't know much but you new how to wake up, go to your kitchen, and have a nice breakfast with a kiss from your mom and a huge hug from your dad. This feeling that you where at home and no matter what happens around you, you where save because they cared about you... and they where in control (Psa. 91).

In The Message bible version says in Luke 24:36 "They still couldn't believe what they where seeing. It was too much; it seem too good to be true". And what his presences brings to our lives and the things He might say when we let him get into our homes, might be too good to be true given the circumstances in the world and in our lives.

Days before, In John 16, Jesus was announcing this was going to happen, but He said it would be like a woman giving birth.

'Just like a woman giving birth experiences intense labor pains in delivering her baby, yet after the child is born she quickly forgets what she went through because of the overwhelming joy of knowing that a new baby has been born into the world. “So will you also pass through a time of intense sorrow when I am taken from you , but you will see me again! And then your hearts will burst with joy, with no one being able to take it from you! ' John 16:21-22 TPT

He want us to have a joy that no one will take away from us. Now with the global crisis, economies going down, people suffering, nothing seems very reliable. But He is and He doesn't want us to have areas of our lives to be broken, to be forgotten or left behind. He doesn't want us to keep going into our daily lives with a great suit, fancy make up and hair do with a broken heart. And if we look for him with all our hearts, even with the broken parts, we will find him.

'Until now you’ve not been bold enough to ask the Father for a single thing in my name, but now you can ask, and keep on asking him! And you can be sure that you’ll receive what you ask for, and your joy will have no limits! For here is eternal truth: When that time comes you won’t need to ask me for anything, but instead you will go directly to the Father and ask him for anything you desire and he will give it to you, because of your relationship with me. ' John 16:23-24 TPT

He wants our happiness to be complete since this is the whole purpose of the cross, Jesus passed through all that so we can have a relationship with "I am" and ask him what we need with boldness, not in fear. The same "I am" that set free Israel people from slavery in Egypt, that today tells you: I am the one that cat set you free, the one that can give you a land for your own, the one that can provide for you, the one that can give you a family, the one that can give you peace and joy while you live in this world.

God said to Moses, “ I am who I am . This is what you are to say to the Israelites: ‘ I am has sent me to you.’ ” Exodus 3:14 NIV

But now, think about this.. the disciples were the closest to Jesus, and yet, they haven't asked for a single thing. Why? Because this is not an easy task, only knowing that God is good, that He is able and that we actually have the right to go to him, only then... we can truly ask.

'For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord , “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future. Then you will call on me and come and pray to me, and I will listen to you. You will seek me and find me when you seek me with all your heart. ' Jeremiah 29:11-13 NIV

Due to our relationship with Jesus we can ask the very things you think He doesn't care about. Because He actually died for it. So, ask him....

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