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“And this gospel of the kingdom will be preached in all the world as a witness to all the nations, and then the end will come.” Matthew 24:14​


Katty Camargo is a prophetic singer-songwriter and founder of the Almond Tree Music record label. In 2020 she was launched as a solo artist with the single "Inconmovible". In 2021 she released her first album "Inconmovible Deluxe" including nine songs, with music and arrangements in collaboration with HGRB Productions.​ In 2022 she released her second album for the anglo public "Here I Am", in this release the artist shows herself as she is. "Here I am" is an acoustic album, with a classic-pop piano style, where she is the composer, performer and main artist. In the same year she produced and performed her first online concert "Inconmovible in Concert".

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Musician graduated from the Francisco José de Caldas District University - ASAB with an emphasis on drums (instrument), his degree work "Interpretive and creative contributions to drums by Carlos Cortés and Gregorio Merchán" was qualified with a meritorious degree.

During his nine years of professional career he has participated in musical projects with artists such as Kamilo Rincón, Natural, Giovanny Reyes, No Re-action, Dj Ax, Bani Muñoz, Alpha Union, Zooperformance, Katty Camargo and has shared the stage with Funky, Lilly Godman , Jaime Murrel, Danilo Montero, Pescao Vivo, Alex Campos, La Reforma, among others.

- “Once upon a time” Natural, 2011. Drums.
- "Jesus Salvador" Dj Ax, 2017. Voices.
- "Irremovable" Rebaño de Lobos, 2017. Voices, drums, composition of lyrics and music.
- "Algo Nuevo” First solo single, 2022. Composer and main artist.

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